delay |dɪˈleɪ|

• make (someone or something) late or slow
• time interval between the propagation of a message and its reception
• an electronic device which introduces a delay, especially in an audio signal

From our subjective positions, we want to deliver objective opinions on topics, whether they are underground, of no concern to main stream media or simply underreported. We aim to independently deliver interesting news and knowledge, withholding from methods which are dishonouring the journalistic code.

We use the Delay Magazine as our playground in terms of journalistic and editorial creativity, and we encourage the peek out of the comfort zone for everybody involved. We embrace the mistakes that happen along this journey and seek to grow on them to become better in what we love.

Little did we know, when we met at the newbie meeting of one of the few austrian music magazines in early 2014, that we would start our own attempt at creating a magazine a year later, where we would stand behind every decision. At the same time we both happen to study publishing, although in different fields. Therefore we do have our positions regarding journalistic ethics and methods, and try our best to live up to our own expectations.

We are Michael Kendlbacher and Julian Haas, two art-enthusiasts and about-to-be journalists trying to spend our time with something meaningful.